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Executive search and headhunting

Executive Search & Hunting are effective for professional and management recruitment. We utilize our extensive network, modern tools and expertise from manager positions to find the suitable candidates.

Executive Search is an efficient way to find key personnel for a company

When looking for a professional for managerial or specialist Talent Center helps you find the right person for your work community and business model through a public recruitment procedure – or by leveraging its extensive networks without a public search.

At its best, executive search provides an efficient and quick way to find suitable candidates for a position, from which the company can choose the most suitable ones. Executive search is worth considering, for example, when finding a replacement for a crucial key figure, for unexpected recruitment needs, or for finding a top professional tailored to the company’s needs and requirements.

Reasons to consider headhunting are various. You may not desire to reveal the upcoming organizational change in advance, or the goal is to ensure peace at work within your own company. Alternatively, your company might have identified a shortage in the desired profile or, as is often the case when searching for a CEO, it is inherently the best approach.

The executive search process is fairly commonplace, albeit a comprehensive process which requires high professionalism as well as understanding of business management. Compared to a typical open application process, it is distinguished by both anonymity and the precision in the definition phase. The headhunter responsible for the search must have sufficient experience from various business environments, in addition to a background in leadership in order to understand the client’s true needs. Clarifying domain expertise is the easiest part of the process. A completely different matter is assessing the candidate’s suitability with the company culture and various motivational aspects.

At Talent Center, our own business management experts hande headhunting and executive search. Both CEO Jari Nokkonen and Business Area Director Mika Niininen are AON certified headhunters whose extensive network alongside the ability to understand business management and development help our clients to the right talents for their companies.

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