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Talent Center HR Partner model provides flexible and tailored HR services to organisations. We provide the expertise of HR experts as well as resources and a modern HR system.

Complete HR service

The service encompasses various needs within HR, such as the development of employee experience, management support, management of employment life cycle, recruitment, and onboarding. In addition, the service covers the development of organizational culture, payroll processing as well as reporting.

With our HR Partner model, we provide you with HR expertise cost-effectively. Through collaboration, we can elevate the employee experience to a new level and enhance employee retention. Simultaneously, your company can focus on your core competencies.

HR Partner partner service contains

HR System

In collaboration with the client, Talent Center implements an HR system and provides support to find the HR system that best meets the client’s needs.

HR Manager / HR Professional

We provide you with an access to a HR professional to manage selected HR tasks within your organisation or the entirety of HR operations. Outsourcing HR operations to Talent Center is also an option.

HR Process Consulting

Refine your organization’s HR processes with the help of a professional in the field. Choose the processes you need assistance with and let us create a plan for the improvement collaboratively. In addition, we provide assistance and support in e.g. questions regrarding labour legislation.


We provide support in the recruitment process. The extent of provided support is tailored due to clients’ needs. Read more about our recruitment services here.

Employee surveys

With the help of Talent Center employee surveys, your company will gain valuable information about your personnel. This enables data-driven management and provides support for crucial personnel-related decisions.


We provide the possibility of outsourcing payroll calculation to Talent Center. We take care of payroll calculation, payment, and reporting on your behalf.

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