Talent Center as an employer

Talent Center as an employer

At Ta­lent Cen­ter we care about our lea­sing staff. We have deeply ana­lyzed what kind of a lea­sing emplo­yer we want to be, and what both the cus­to­mer com­pany and the can­di­date are ex­pec­ting from us. As an emplo­yer we rea­lize and bear our res­pon­si­bi­lity. Emplo­yees have a good range of be­ne­fits which sup­ports wor­king ef­ficiency and pre­vents problem situations.

Fair employer

We of­fer emplo­y­ment for va­rious part-time and full-time po­si­tions, in com­pa­nies from dif­fe­rent sec­tors for du­ra­tions that go from from weeks up to years. We va­lue fair lea­ders­hip and fol­low the re­gu­la­tions of exis­ting col­lec­tive agree­ments. We treat our emplo­yees well because long-term cont­racts and com­mit­ted ta­lents are both to our and our cus­to­mers´ benefit.

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