International Recruiting

International Recruiting

Talent Center Oy is a partner of EURES which represents private companies. Our specialists in international recruiting have more than 20 years’ experience of leasing both domestic and international labour force.

We have partners in Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia. Our goal is to enlarge our company and working area to support an already existing wide network.

Talent Center’s specialist works as a liaison between the recruiting company and the candidate. For instance, we can make a translation of working instructions and take care of introductions if needed. At Talent Center we have working agreements, lease commitments and other documents translated into FI-PL, FI-ENG, FI-UK. For Bulgarian applicants we also have them in FI-BG.

International Recruiting: Why Talent Center?

There are lots of professionals specializing in international recruiting also in Finland, however companies get numerous advantages when dealing with Talent Center. Along with translations Talent Center offers all the required services: registration issues, working permits, accommodation etc. so that all the employer needs to take care of is the training of the personnel and directing and occupational safety. The employer can use the services of Talent Center’s interpreters to help with introduction or resolving other issues.

From the viewpoint of an applicant, Talent Center is also a good partner to work with in Finland. We stay with you throughout the whole process, helping with international issues, adaptation to new countries, travel arrangements, accommodation and introduction. We value our workers and stay in contact with them during the contract and afterwards. We are always ready to support when needed.


We pay special attention to the worker’s expectations regarding accommodation. Everyone gets at least a single room. We furnish the apartment in accordance with the worker’s demands before arrival. We sign a letter of commitment with the employee, where rental fee and payment method are mentioned as well as terms of notice, smoking ban, final cleaning etc.

kansainvälinen työvoima

International recruiting: presentation of an expert

Dominika Plinska-Narloch

HR-specialist Dominika Plinska-Narloch is responsible for functioning and activities of the International sector in cooperation with other experts of Talent Center. in 2016 Dominika got a diploma of a public service interpreter. She used to work for a long time in the area of human resources and specialized in international recruiting, direct search and relocation as well as other services related to international labour force. Mainly she dealt with personnel recruiting for manufacturing industry.

Along with recruiting issues I also work as an interpreter for example at the decks, building sites, in schools and kindergartens, at the doctor’s and in a hospital, at the police and district court, child protection and social service offices. Working as interpreter helped me to gain a rich experience which I can use in Talent Center. I can advise what to do, where and when.

Yulia Bilozor

HR Coordinator