Senior Lecturer in Mechatronics

Se­nior Lec­tu­rer in Mec­hat­ro­nics
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Haku alkaa:26.02.2021 klo 11:20
Haku päättyy:12.03.2021 klo 23:59
Työn kesto: Yli 12 kuu­kautta
Työ alkaa:Maa­lis­kuu 2021

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The position is filled from March 2021 or as agreed. We are looking for a specialist to shape the future of the education by participating in the curricula development together with other professionals. In addition to teaching, work includes anticipating the changing needs of working life and adapting the curriculum to meet these needs by coordinating the degree programme. Student counselling and continuous development of study environments are an integral part of the job. 

We value professionals with good communication skills, organizing skills,teams working skills and ability to build professional networks. All the work is student-centered. Competence in R&D activities and interest in national and international co-operation is considered as an advantage, as well as experience about different pedagogical approaches in higher education. 

Finnish Education Employers (FEE) General Collective Agreement states the terms and salary details of the work contract. Minimum a Master's degree is required, and the selected lecturer commits to gain the degree of a professional teacher education within three years if not gained before starting in the position. Professional teacher education studies are meants for teachers who are working at vocational institutions or at universities of applied sciences. Studies in the Professional Teacher Education Programme consist of 60 ECTS credits and provide teacher qualifications in the professional field. 

Talent Center Oy is in charge of the recruitment process. For more information about the position please contact Emmi Salonen, p. +358 40 553 0240 or Mika Niininen at 

Please submit your CV and application letter by latest on 12th of March 2021 to

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