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Haku alkaa:06.04.2021 klo 15:15
Haku päättyy:04.05.2021 klo 23:59
Työn kesto: Yli 12 kuu­kautta
Työ alkaa:heti so­pi­van hen­ki­lön löy­dyt­tyä

Our client is the region’s leading competence center for artificial intelligence and applied robotics. We are looking for a national level top expert, or someone who wants to become one, to work in Pori with a partial possibility to work remotely.


You have already completed a doctoral degree or you have the readiness to pursue doctoral studies. You can be a junior researcher or already at the top of your field. We hope you to have interest and some background in medical research and health technology. You will be coordinating the planning of test protocols and you will be responsible for their implementation with the end users. The role requires good project management skills and the willingness to work in a team. The way you communicate and interact is clear.

We are also interested in applicants with a strong knowledge of neural networks and the programming side of artificial intelligence from industries other than medicine and health technology.

Talent Center Oy is in charge of the recruitment process. For more information about the position please email Mika Niininen at

Please submit your CV and cover letter through by Tuesday May 4th.

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