About us

Our history

Ta­lent Cen­ter is a per­son­nel ser­vice and cen­ter of ex­per­tise foun­ded in 2010. Our of­fices are loca­ted in Tam­pere and Pori. We specia­lize in di­rect search for se­nior execu­ti­ves and ma­na­ge­ment, head­hun­ting, and sui­ta­bi­lity as­sess­ments and ap­ti­tude tes­ting. Staf­fing is also a big part of our busi­ness. We have a deep un­ders­tan­ding of sea­so­nal fluc­tua­tions and es­pecially the requi­red le­vel of know-how in in­dustry as well as in the hos­pi­ta­lity sector.

Our ex­ten­sive ex­pe­rience in busi­ness ma­na­ge­ment and CEO-le­vel ro­les enables a high-le­vel rec­ruit­ment process from the de­fi­ni­tion phase to struc­tu­red in­ter­viewing and tes­ting. Trust and di­li­gence are our core values.

The one and same pro­fes­sio­nal runs the whole rec­rui­ting process for you from the very be­gin­ning up to the fi­nal se­lec­tion of the candidate.

Our values

Uncompromising customer quality 

Ta­lent Cen­ter keeps its’ pro­mi­ses. Only to­get­her we can ac­hieve success. We keep a fin­ger on the pulse and at the same take care that our pro­ficiency meets the requi­re­ments in the future. 

We bring energy, not take it away. 

The ser­vices of Ta­lent Cen­ter are de­fi­ned and ful­fil­led in the way that al­lows the cus­to­mer com­pany to focus on its’ par­ticu­lar busi­ness activities. 

We are result oriented 

For our cus­to­mers we find the so­lu­tions for busi­ness sup­por­ting proces­ses, that bring stra­te­gic be­ne­fits and com­pe­ti­tive advantages. 

Fair leading 

We va­lue po­si­tive wor­king en­vi­ron­ment and res­pon­sible at­ti­tude to col­lea­gues and cus­to­mers. We com­mu­nicate openly and actively.